Pantry/ Office Services
Manpower Supply Services
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We provide Housekeeping services as it being our core of the organization. We clean, disinfect and maintain the property designated to us with almost care using suitable chemicals and machinery with fully trained & disciplined personnel

Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of Offices, Hospitals, Pubs, Hotels, Cineplex’s, IT Parks, Airports, Libraries and Industrial Units. Services rendered include daily cleaning, vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning and interior glass cleaning of the premises.

Pantry/ Office Services

Backed by an experienced team of dexterous professionals, we are able to offer excellent Pantry Management Services. These services are offered for providing the solution for maintaining the pantry tidy. The services are executed by well trained staffs that are aware of the importance of keeping the dry pantry clean and tidy and have been trained for their behavior.

Riders Services

Riders' expertise lies in managing vehicles for our partners – whether the vehicles are used to mobilise outreach health workers on motorcycles, transport samples and supplies to health centres, or are ambulances for emergency referrals.

Manpower Supply Services

In order to fall under the category of manpower supply service, payment to be made by the co. must be related to the no. of labourers supplied during a specified period and not on the basis of quantum of work carried out.
If in work order it is specified that payment will be made on monthly basis for such contract, will such service come under manpower supply service..

Compliance Support Services

This is precisely what Compliance Support Services is designed to prevent or manage. Anyone operating in the financial services in these times knows that coming to the attention of the authorities can be time-consuming and very costly, both to your reputation and your balance sheet.

Compliance Support Services offers highly skilled assistance to firms in the investment industry in Canada. We work to ensure your compliance processes, systems and training are up-to-date and will satisfy industry regulators. We also provide compliance and enforcement assistance once a regulator has intervened.